LOVELSTAR auf VOX bei "Die Höhle Der Löwen"

LOVELSTAR auf VOX bei "Die Höhle Der Löwen"

In der jüngsten Folge von "Die Höhle der Löwen" am 22.05.23, hatten wir die aufregende Gelegenheit, unsere innovativen Lovelstar Steigbügel-LEDs vorzustellen. Unsere einzigartigen und faszinierende...
Ausritt in der Dunkelheit - aber wie gut sehen Pferde eigentlich nachts?

Riding in the dark - but how well do horses actually see at night?

We riders all know it. The ride takes a little longer than planned and hey presto it's dusk. But how do our horses actually cope with the darkness?
META Kampange mit Lovelstar

META campaign with Lovelstar

Meta is convinced of Lovelstar and starts an advertising campaign with us.
Dezember Spendenaktion // Lovelstar & Pferdeklappe e. V.

December Fundraiser // Lovelstar & Pferdeklappe e. V.

Since the invention of Lovelstar Stirrup LEDs is the Start-up Founder Patrick Pauliner tries to get involved socially and to help animals and sick people as far as possible.   instead of in...
10 Tipps für Autofahrer und Reiter im Straßenverkehr

10 tips for drivers and riders on the road

Two thirds of all riders have already experienced a near-accident on the road. We have summarized 10 tips for drivers and riders on the road. Lovelstar - Together for more security!
Lovelstar, viel mehr als nur Steigbügel-LEDs!
Licht am Pferd

Lovelstar, much more than stirrup LEDs!

Our stirrup LEDs can do a lot more than you think!   Because they are well thought out and solve many more problems than meets the eye.   ➡ Our LEDs ensure that ...
Lovelstar und Sebastian Marx – Versicherungsexperte und Pferdeprofi
Licht am Pferd

Lovelstar and Sebastian Marx - insurance expert and horse professional

Sebastian Marx Insurance broker with horse sense and enthusiastic supporter of the Lovelstar stirrup LEDs.
Reflexartikel oder Licht am Pferd? Was schreibt die StVO vor?
Licht am Pferd

Reflective articles or light on the horse? What does the StVO stipulate?

Most riders currently rely on reflective articles. However, the StVO prescribes a light for riders. Why actually?