Sichtbarkeit ist überlebenswichtig


According to §28 (DE), §79 (AT) of the StVO and Art. 53 (CH) of the VRV, riders must be clearly visible at dusk, in the dark as well as in poor visibility conditions, just like other road users. Riders must therefore carry a non-blinding light (DE: white, CH: yellow) that is clearly visible on the left side to the front and rear. Reflective equipment alone is not sufficient.

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Thanks to the two 300 lumen LEDs on the right and left at the widest point of the horse, you will be recognized from afar as a horse and rider pair. And this from any direction, in contrast to headlamps or reflectors, for example.

Suitable for everyday use, small and inexpensive

You always have your Stirrup-LEDs with you and always ready to go. They do not take up any additional space and even offer better grip in the stirrup than normal rubber inserts. Even moisture, dirt or rain doesn't bother them.

Environmentally friendly and long durability

Our practical tests have shown that light is emitted for over 30 hours in continuous operation, which slowly diminishes towards the end and does not simply go out. Under normal use, the performance of the batteries can last for up to a year. example: the material of the inserts itself is highly resistant and lasts for several years. This protects the environment from disposable plastic, which is something we place great value on.

Road traffic regulations and legal situation

According to road laws, riders must be clearly visible in the twilight, darkness and in poor visibility, as well as other traffic participants. Riders must therefore carry a non-dazzling strong white light with them, which is clearly visible on the left side to the front and back. Reflective equipment alone is not enough.

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