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Hello, I'm Patrick, 30 years young, a trained construction mechanic and come from the beautiful Chiemgau region in Upper Bavaria. I don't really have anything to do with riding. My focus is on motorbikes and cars. After a near-accident in the twilight, with me on the motorbike and a very badly visible rider on the road, I had the wish to make riding safer. When it became clear how I could put the relevant idea into practice, I started with some other friends to produce prototypes with 3D printers and to further optimise everything step by step until we finally had all drawings and add-on parts down to the basic body ready after about 1 year. In cooperation with the companies Moderegger in Berchtesgarden, Formdruck RSP in Obing and Glaser Werbetechnik in Teisendorf, we produce our patented stirrup LEDs for more safety in equestrian sports locally and Made in Bavaria. My motto - "Quality, professional competence and customer proximity, always wins in the end".