Hello I am> Patrick, 29 years young, trained construction mechanic and come from the beautiful Chiemgau region in Upper Bavaria. Actually I have nothing to do with riding. My focus is on motorcycles and cars. span>>br>>span style="text-decoration: none;">But in combination with my friends, who ride themselves and have been running a large equestrian sports business for several years, we had the desire to make equestrian sports safer.
After it became clear how we could realize our idea, it was my job to take care of the technical side.
3D printers and to optimize everything step by step until after about 1 year we had finished all drawings and add-on parts up to the basic body.
In cooperation with the company Moderegger>/a> in Berchtesgarden we now produce our patented riser LEDs at home and Made in Bavaria for more safety in equestrian sports.