Lovelstar und Sebastian Marx – Versicherungsexperte und Pferdeprofi

Lovelstar and Sebastian Marx - insurance expert and horse professional

Sebastian Marx Insurance broker with horse sense and enthusiastic supporter of the Lovelstar stirrup LEDs.
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There are many insurance brokers. Significantly fewer insurance brokers with horse sense. Sebastian Marx from Versicherungen Marx combines both. In social media, he is actually only known as Basti (@sebastian.marx_original), who shares well over 200,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok in his everyday life with his horses. In addition to entertaining content, the friendly expert manages to explain important insurance issues for equestrian sports in a simple and clear way. He has specialized in the area of ​​occupational disability insurance, especially for professional riders. For this target group, he is number 1 in Germany and offers first-class insurance for professional riders with his product RidersBest: www.versicherungen-marx/ridersbest
In terms of sport, the former squad rider (diversity and jumping) is now also on the way to the Grand Prix in dressage.
We at Lovelstar are happy to have Sebastian Marx by our side as an enthusiastic supporter of the stirrup LEDs.
© Photo: Sebastian Marx / Sky Photographer by Patricia Welp