Reflective articles or light on the horse? What does the StVO stipulate?

Most riders currently rely on reflective articles. However, the StVO prescribes a light for riders. Why actually?
If a horse-rider couple and a car meet in the twilight, the situation can quickly become dangerous. If the rider equips himself and his horse with reflective articles, this is certainly better than nothing!
Nevertheless, the driver only recognizes the "obstacle" when the headlights of the car hit the reflective article. In the worst case, the rider may not be able to brake quickly enough, but even braking can startle the horse and greatly increase the likelihood of a fall.
The Lovelstar Stirrup LEDs illuminate fore and aft. The driver can see through the lights, which automatically move through the stirrup LEDs at the widest point of the horse-rider pair are able to recognize the obstacle more quickly.
We recommend a combination of reflective items and the Lovelstar Stirrup LEDs, because you can never be too visible!
Our vision is to make riding in traffic even safer and to avoid accidents ♥️