Dezember Spendenaktion // Lovelstar & Pferdeklappe e. V.

December Fundraiser // Lovelstar & Pferdeklappe e. V.

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Since the invention of Lovelstar Stirrup LEDs is the Start-up Founder Patrick Pauliner tries to get involved socially and to help animals and sick people as far as possible.
instead of in December like that like many other companies to create an advent calendar on social media. Has Lovelstar planned a fundraiser. The profit went to 100 % to the horse flap e.V.
We know that especially in the last two years, many people are unable to donate. We are all the more pleased that our campaign in December was nevertheless well received by some customers. And we could collect 75 euros, Lovelstar rounded this sum up to 200 euros and donated to the horse flap. Even if the sum doesn't seem like much at first, we were able to help a few horses. True to the motto everyone as much as he can, we are proud, together for having raised this money with our customers and would like to say THANK YOU!


What does the horse flap do and why should you support it?

Illnesses, accidents, catastrophes, confusion of mind and many other reasons why horses are listed in the horse flap. An examination is carried out, the animals are nursed back to health and then passed on to others. A costly affair where every single euro counts, every gift to the horses, everything saves lives.