Western Stirrups | Silver Star | incl. LEDs


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High quality western stirrups made of aluminum with LEDs - Silver Star.

It was simply a matter of the heart for us to keep our promise and make the ride of the Western riders and their horses safer.

From the development to the complex manual work, there is a lot of time and love in every stirrup.

Treads: Black, or white-transparent incl. screws

LEDs: "Standard" 360° white

"Pro" 270° white, 90° red (back)

"Pro Switzerland" 180° white, 180° yellow (front, back)

  • 360° Light
  • 300 Lumen
  • waterproof
  • StVO conform
  • More security
  • More Grip
  • leather
  • Long shelf life
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Beautiful design
  • Perfect quality
  • Patented system
  • Handmade in Germany

batteries 2pcs. (Type: V23a) not included in delivery.
(Available at Amazon, Rewe, DM, Kaufland, electrical stores etc.)
color deviations are possible and cannot be objected to.


Road traffic regulations and legal situation

According to road laws, riders must be clearly visible in the twilight, darkness and in poor visibility, as well as other traffic participants. Riders must therefore carry a non-dazzling strong white light with them, which is clearly visible on the left side to the front and back. Reflective equipment alone is not enough.

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